Organizer: The Hong Kong Life Saving Society,
Subvention: Leisure and Cultural Services Department


Quota: 20 persons per class (Pool) / 10 persons per class (Beach)

(1)Aged 13 or above
(2)Within five minutes to swim 200 meters (any forward swimming style)
(3)Can tread water for three minutes

Fee: HK$220.00
(Excluding examination fee. If admission water test failed or the absence, the fee paid is non-refundable)

Application method:
(1)Complete application form T001 (available at our website for download);
(2)One self-return envelope (please write your name and address, and paste with a HK$2.2 stamp); and
(3) Crossed cheque (payable to "The Hong Kong Life Saving Society", please write your name, contact telephone number, course code)
The above documents should reach the Hong Kong Life Saving Society office before the deadline. Registration is on "first-come, first-served basis".
(Fax application is not acceptable. Except for cancellation of course, all fees paid are non-refundable.)

Notes to the students:
(1) Enrolled students please visit our website to check the registered student list and water test information three days before the admission water test (first day of the course).
(2) Students must attend over 80% of training in order to qualify for examination standard.
(3) If a student chooses to take the exam during the non-public exam period, students must discuss the additional fees and related arrangements with their coaches
(4) Students should bring personal items (including: a throwline and lifebuoy).
(5) All training is conducted in Cantonese.

The Hong Kong Life Saving Society
21/F, Caltex House,
258 Hennessy Road, 
Wanchai, Hong Kong.
Tel: 2511 8363
Fax: 2507 5239

Office Hours:
Monday to Friday 
Sundays and public holidays

course schedule (Beach)
Course Schedule (Pool)
T001 Application Form.pdf
T001 Application Form.doc
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